Pastors Conference

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Everyone from Guatemala

Last week we had a fantastic experience here at Junglemedic Missions. For the past year I have been working with a friend from a church in Alabama named William Dunnam. He has brought down four teams and already did the first Pastors Conference we had. The teams have been fantastic and a real honor to work with. So he contacted me several moths ago and said I would like to do another Pastor Teaching Conference for the local Pastors and bring my Pastor with me. It is actually very rare to have a Pastor come on a mission trip but this Pastor who we all come to love was Pastor Terry. Pastor Terry explained to me how he had been a pastor for years and just concentrated on the local church. But he went on a mission trip that changed his life and he is now on fire for missions and not just getting people to come into church but getting them to go out and help and get involved with actually helping others outside the church walls.

They brought 3 other men with them that were carpenters and they repaired some roofing problems we had at our place. They were great guys also.

We had 18 Pastors show up for the teaching conference and both Pastor Terry and William tag teamed them. They got to sleep in a real bed here at the dorm and we fed them like kings. Meaning they got chicken and beef and foo they would only get maybe on Christmas or Easter.
They loved the teachings and were just blown away that someone would care enough to come and teach and encourage them. These were very very poor men who came from some as far as 100 miles away for this teaching conference.

Here is Pastor Terry teaching the local Pastors up on the veranda.
( I don't have a picture of William teaching because he was asleep most of the time in the back)
Just kidding I am sure he was praying......

The other three guys worked all day on the replacing a roof that had not been put on right and leaked every time it rained.

In the middle of the teaching conference we took all of the local Pastors and gave them medical scrubs to wear so we could take them out to do a medical clinic. This did three things.
1. It gave them a chance to show Gods love not just through words but with their hands.
2. It helped a village that was really in need of medical care.
3. It gave them confidence that they could help people and change their lives.

They looked like Doctors and most did not know how to put on a band aid, but they had a big advantage over even medical teams. They could speak Spanish and Quitchie. So when we told them what to do they could effectively communicate with the people and give them the correct meds Marleni and I had prescribed and they could explain in their own language how to take it and why. It was fantastic. The patients loved it and so did the Pastors.

They were so happy to be serving their own people and felt like they were truly making a difference.

Here are the Pastors along with American Carpenters and here is William and Pastor Terry setting up the clinic tables.

However........getting to this remote village took 3 hours each way on roads most people would not take their 4x4 on. All Pastor Terry could do was keep shaking his head like I just don't believe where we are going in an old school bus.

We had to cross rivers with no bridges and some looked like we were in a boat instead of a bus.

They saw how the poor remote people really live.
Here is a 5 year old girl bringing water to her home on her horse.

We had to go down through valleys so low the bumpers would scrap and felt like they were being torn off, only to go up a mountain and have the turbo charger come undone and had to fix it with hemostats and a pair of needle nose pliers.. But we got her going and we made it.

                                                    Front Bumper            Rear Bumper       Guys waiting on me to fix the turbo charger so we could make it up the mountain.

Fixed and comin up the mountain... Got er done!

To be honest it was a fantastic trip and everyone was happy with all that was accomplished. Each Pastor received a Diploma that I made up on the computer then embossed it with my 20 year old Notary Public Stamp which I still had from South Carolina, but they can't read English so they thought this was straight from the President.  
( Remember I am a Christian just not a good one)

But man were they proud of that Diploma. Then we gave them all a bag of toothbrushes and medicines and things for their families. They were in tears. They hugged us and kept saying God Bless you and Thank You.... It made me feel like we had made a difference for them.
Marleni and I hope and pray we can continue to work with Pastor Terry and William
 ( if they can just keep their parole officers happy so they can continue to leave the country)
 and have a long and fruitful relationship to continue to help the forgotten people of Guatemala.

Thanks to the Wilmer Baptist Church for making this happen. May God Bless you all and all of you who continue to support us here at Junglemedic Missions.

In His Service

Bryan & Marleni Buchanan

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